Friends in High Places!

7th October

This morning broke bright and sunny with the promise of a good day, a typical day in Haiti, a welcome sight after hurricane Matthew and the overcast days that followed.
With the sun came a stream of people, mostly women seeking help from the Sisters in the aftermath of the hurricane, with the queue forming from 6.00 am.
Sr. Rose directed them to the local leader, telling them it was the responsibility of the State and not that of the Sisters. But these people are local and know only too well their best bet for getting assistance in times of need is to come directly to the Sisters and that little or no assistance will be forthcoming anytime soon from the State.
Whether their homes have been damaged in the hurricane or not (and many no doubt have been) these women are certainly using their ingenuity to buy some sympathy following the hurricane when sympathy towards their plight is probably higher than usual.
However, the fact is many of them might well have been living in dire misery each and every day and hurricane Matthew may only be the catalyst that brought them seeking the support they need in this challenging climate.