Psychiatrist holds Banks responsible for Suicide while State Blacklists Protestors

Leinster House: 18th century Dublin townhouse of the Duke of Leinster. It is now the seat of parliament. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Leinster House: 18th century Dublin townhouse of the Duke of Leinster. It is now the seat of parliament. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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In the current depressing economic times, people are getting angry. Unfortunately for most they have no avenue open to them to vent this anger and they end up letting it well up inside them causing dreadful health and indeed mental health problems. The ultimate of course is when they’re pushed entirely over the edge and end up taking their own life. Hence we have the dreadful amounts of suicide we see in the Ireland of today. An article worth reading is in the Irish Independent written by Niamh Horan– 14 July 2013. I am taking the liberty of quoting the article in its entirety as it’s a powerful statement of the facts as we see them today…


A Leading psychiatrist is writing to banks on behalf of vulnerable patients, telling them he will hold them responsible in the event of a patient’s suicide.

Dr Ivor Browne says he has been seeking out the names of bank staff responsible for the pressure his patients are under before issuing them with the formal notice.

Dr Browne, former chief psychiatrist of he Eastern Health Board, said the action is “making waves” in favour of
patients who can no longer cope with mounting pressure. “I am hearing people who are being hassled and who are being threatened that their homes will be repossessed,” Dr Browne said.

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Opinion: ‘I’ve been looking for a job for seven years, don’t tell me the economy has bounced back’

Irish Mirror

  • 09:26, 16 DEC 2015
  • UPDATED 12:24, 16 DEC 2015

Anne Heffernan has been trying to find permanent work since the crash hit – without any success


Michael MacSweeny/Provision

Queue outside the social welfare office in Cork City

Photo – Michael MacSweeney/Provision


Seven years is a very long time to be hoping and longing and yearning for something… and for all your efforts to fail.

I’m talking about my seven-year search for a job – any job.

Since 2008, when the recession hit, I have been searching for a job, because the business I was then trying to run went further and further downhill, until caput… it was gone.

The problem, as I see it, is not that I am unskilled, inexperienced or unemployable.

I’ve spent the past four years up-skilling in the digital arena, having completed a conversion degree in Digital Media Production, a City and Guilds Diploma in Social Media for Business and am now just at the end of a nine-month internship in Social Media. [Read more…]