iPads for all 5 year olds

¬†Sometimes I really question what planet our politicians live on! While it may be ideal for every child to have access to an iPad, if we want to ensure Ireland remains a tech-savvy country,¬†as indicated by Minister Noonan a month ago (see Irish Independent article below) surely the government’s focus should be on ensuring all children have access to enough food and a roof over their head – the basics to live, before committing to iPads for all.

Mr. Noonan believes all children over 5 should have access to an iPad

Finance Minister Michael Noonan has said every child over the age of five should have access to an iPad to make Ireland a more tech-savvy country.

Mr Noonan also pledged to unveil a raft of budget measures which will continue to make Ireland an attractive destination for high-tech firms.

Speaking at a Fine Gael fundraising event, the minister said “very strong innovation” was the “X-factor” that Ireland needed to ensure the economic recovery continued.

“We must use the schools to drive it and we must use new ways of managing people,” Mr Noonan said.

“You need to organise people in a way they are working in teams to combine the innovative efforts of individuals to do something dramatic,” he added.


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