Don’t You Love Pop-Up Shops?

In Haiti, the Pop-Up Shop comes into its own! It seems to me the only way for anyone in Haiti to make a living is to sell their home-grown or home-made produce or something else if they can find it.

And find it they do! Whether its clothes, shoes, bags, medication, toiletries, school supplies or store-cupboard essentials you need, you will find a pop-up shop selling it on a near-by street.

I’m calling them pop-up shops because for the most part permanent fixture shops are non-existent or at least in short supply. But the daily pop-up shop comes into existence from about 6.00 am with its stock and personnel arriving by donkey or motorbike to the Main Street or Market area of Jean Rabel (the town where I am living). Boxes, bags and buckets are unloaded and the merchandise is displayed on the pavement (or basic table/stand if one is lucky).

Under the hot sun, the proprietor sits all day long hoping for enough sales to feed her family for today at least. Just before dark, she un-pops her shop again, taking down the sheet/curtain/card-board that might have been protecting her wares from the sun during the day. She piles her merchandise back into their containers and heads off home till tomorrow when again she will rise early to pop-up her shop with the same hope to make some bit of a living for herself and her family.

As far as I can see Haiti is the stalwart home of Pop-Up Shops Extraordinaire.