Who cares about services?

by Anne Heffernan

I have my home up to rent at present. I had to make contact with a number of ‘officials‘ regarding this process. I find it funny, that’s not funny ha ha – its funny peculiar that I was queried about the location of my home, whether it is near ‘services, you know shops and that’. It seems if I decide to rent my home out to someone on State benefits my home has to be close to schools, shops, transport and other services, but if I buy my own home from my own resources – hard earned cash over a lifetime, nobody really gives a damn whether I have suitable services nearby or whether I live in isolation. I for one bought this home because I could afford it, even though I’m a 2 mile drive to the nearest services.

What kind of society cares so much for one element of society and couldn’t care less about the other?