Social housing need is a crisis that could have been avoided by prudent planning

by Anne Heffernan

You might have heard me speaking with Niall Delaney on on Friday morning about renting out my home and accepting rent allowance. Niall advised me to target the government with my anger. That is just what I intended doing. I cannot understand why the government continues to throw money at a system that costs tax-payers so much.

Surely it would be prudent to approach social housing needs in a more cost effective way.

Ministers don’t seem to have any foresight, never plan for what’s coming down the line and end up wasting so much hard-earned tax-payers money, just trying to stop a leaking tap!

Is this what we voted them in there to do?                                                                                                                                                              

houses for sale                                                                                                                                                                                       image credit

Do they realise they need to be accountable to us the citizens of this country, who voted them in, and take heed of what’s happening on the ground.

Why are those responsible for allowing so many housing estates become ghost estates still in their jobs, with no penalty for such disastrous decisions?

As usual, nobody says anything and so more money is now going to be thrown at the social housing problem.

Did nobody foresee this coming when the housing collapse started. Where did they think people who were evicted, handed back their keys and those who simply couldn’t continue with their repayments were going to go?

Was it not obvious social housing needs would increase?