Everyday Squanderers Everywhere

fast food, money, fast food, latte, ethnic, deprived

by Anne Heffernan




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I frequented that same abode again on Friday last and the noise, buzz and bedlam was nerve-racking. I could hardly hear myself read the newspaper with the chattering and chaos as people of all ages, sizes and nationalities vied for a seat, climbing over benches and tables with their trays of drinks and eats ready to topple over at any minute.

I didn’t stay long! As I put my cup in the bin, just before leaving, I asked one of the staff members, was it always this busy. Her reply was straighforward and frank, “Yes,” she grinned, “every day, everyday its the same.”

This fast food restaurant is full every day with people some charities state are in abject or consistent poverty. I honestly don’t think so. They are better off than I am; they seem to have more money than sense. If they are in poverty in any area, I wager it is poverty of common sense, poverty of money management skills.

Some might call them ‘cute hoors’.

Some might say they are ‘working the system to their advantage’.

I’m saying nothing!

But, I rest my case.