5 Star Luxury in Port-au-Prince

After 3 months living in the rural environs of Jean Rabel I decided today was a day for a bit of luxury – because I’m worth it!

Knowing I was now on the homeward straight a longing for ice cream and a latte were foremost in my mind as two of the first things I would do on landing in Dublin airport. My sister had already promised she would pick me up and I’ve been planning the journey home wondering where is the nearest McDonald’s to could stop at en route to get my fix.

Since arriving in Port-au-Prince last Sunday, I’ve already had not just one but a couple of ice-cream tubs, and I’ve really enjoyed them.

When I realised the Marriott hotel was so close to where I am staying, I thought, I’ll surely get a latte there, hence my mission this morning!

And as I hadn’t had access to the Internet since Saturday, I thought I’ll kill two birds with the one stone.

The Marriott hotel in PAP is luxury personified, in my book. It’s bright and spacious with a minimalist feel to the lobby, beautiful bathrooms, a coffee dock, friendly staff, a centrally located bar area with a dining area beyond. I was in business, and the luxurious feel of conditioned air was the icing on the cake for me as I stepped in out of the hot sun shortly after 9.00 a.m. having circumnavigated the building a few times in an attempt to find the pedestrian entrance.

I love to people watch and ponder what kind of business people are on when I encounter them in such elaborate settings. But this morning I was on a mission to catch up with my emails and Facebook; and drool over a long-awaited latte.

Swimming Pool in Marriott Hotel

Swimming Pool in Marriott Hotel

But before any of that, the ‘pièce de resistance’ beckoned – a swimming pool beyond the lobby area! I pushed through the doors and found myself in what could be described as paradise, blue sky, palm trees, swimming pool and lots of outdoor seating areas, on two levels, with bright orange parasols contrasting superbly with the deep blue of the pool and the sky. But I was somewhat disappointed! The warm air all around me could not compete with the fresh air-conditioned interior.

I had a wonderful morning in the coolness of the hotel and was loath to leave it to head out into the midday sun, but I had no choice, not like most the other clients who seemed to have arrived by car. Most of the clientele were impeccably dressed, particularly the Haitians, there were some Americans and Europeans also on business in the hotel, but they were more casually dressed, I felt, certainly not as smartly turned out as the Haitians.

Whatever business was being done in the sumptuousness of the Marriott hotel this morning seemed light years away from where I had come from in Jean Rabel a meagre 200 miles away, but so vastly distant at heart.