Recycling for Development

Sr. Nazareth’s workshop in Jean Rabel is run on the principle of working with local people and the local environment.

The vast array of items created by the ladies in the workshop, from recycled local materials, include this little cross and hair grip both made from coconut skin.



Cross made in Haiti from Coconut skin

Hair Grip made in Haiti from Coconut skin

Hair grip made in Haiti from coconut skin











Small bag made from sacking

Small bag made from sacking






Here is Sr. Nazareth holding a Marioneta                               made from a Tampico Juice bottle


This pretty rattle is made from local tree

seeds – calbase.

Haiti Handcrafts

Passport Bag made in Haiti by Sr. Nazareth’s Workshop, Jean Rabel

Local seeds are used to produce this pretty rattle

Rattle made in Jean Rabel from seeds from a local tree.

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